Lionel messi cristiano ronaldo after the next winner would be his

Tiger flapping on November 14 – Brazilian kaka has accepted the media interview, El Espectador Colombia as Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo before a final winner, kaka also talked about FIFA 18 Coins  their perception of modern football.

“Football is a collective movement, and everyone here likes to say ‘I am the best, so in the movement to win individual awards is not easy.I know I won the golden ball is comes from team effort, every player, I thank milan thank together we win the honor.”

For who is able to put an end to Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo’s rule, kaka said: “football is not a precise calculation, it is hard to know what will happen in the future, but I believe after cristiano ronaldo and messi, golden globe winner will be his next.”

Like his, kaka has experienced the change for the transfer of his career, for four years at real Madrid, kaka said:

“Everything is possible in real extremes, whether for good or bad direction, and you must adapt to and real Madrid fans and media coexistence of Spain.If a player can play real Madrid, is very beneficial for his growth, especially from a person.”

As for as at real Madrid and he had the unpleasant, mace, kaka suggests: “what has happened in me and the mace on any player.I think the mace is still the good player, he will do well in bayern Munich.”

“Modern football speed faster and faster, but the mace such creative midfielder was able to adapt to the current football very well.Don’t forget, ah mui, but one of the best players of the last World Cup.”

When it comes to the World Cup, kaka said:

“Colombia is a great team, they have a generation of good players.But my heart is hot or in Brazil, after 2014, Brazilian players now more mature, more experienced.”

“Argentina living preliminary performance is bad, but it makes me worry that they will like in Brazil in 2002, when a country living difficulties heats, the more they will fall back, like 1994 and 2002 Brazil, such a thing is going to happen.”

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